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Mit unserer Passion für das Aussergewöhnliche und unserem Anspruch auf uneingeschränkten Kundenservice, sind uns Ihre Anfragen mehr als eine Freude. Seite an Seite machen wir möglich, was möglich ist.

Jürg & Ursula Kappeler

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With the aim of finding the best on the market for you, our selected partners also share our enthusiasm for tradition, quality and reliability.

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Kaviari Caviar & Fish Delicacies

For more than 40 years, the House of Kaviari has been selecting the best caviar and seafood products directly at the source. The grains are matured in it's Parisian laboratories and then packaged in numbered tins. Each environment is unique, each caviar an invitation to indulgence, each tasting a pure moment of pleasure, magical, sensual, unforgettable.

Nishikidori Gourmandises japonaises

Specializing in the export of traditional French gastronomic products to Japan since 1995, Oliver Derenne has had the opportunity to meet his customers, chefs and wholesalers, on several occasions, and to discover many surprising, high-quality products that were totally unknown to the palate of our Westerners. Today, he is Europe's largest importer of Japanese products.

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Thanks to the company's expertise in preservation, pasteurization and freezing, PLANTIN offers truffles all year round, in jars or frozen. Preservation makes it possible to sterilize and preserve the truffles and retain their taste and smell.

Best Dumplings & Gyozas

United by a heart for good food, MADAM SUM is a team of courageous gourmands who see the world as a XXXXL kitchen. Independent of local cuisine, they follow their impulses and live for experimentation. They are the ultimate jugglers of cultures, not sticking to one particular food culture, but blending the best elements of each. From this attitude comes an unexpected culinary creation... the best MADAM SUM dumplings.

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