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Sense of Delight – True Food Scouts with the passion for special delights

Sense of Delight was born in 2012 not only because of our deep interest in Fine Food products but also because we wanted to serve our customers as scouts on which drinks would match those delights best such as wine, champagne as well as high proof destillates.

Our extensive experience within the hoteling business as well as Service Marketing and Management has perfectly supported our operation since then.

Since April 2014 we are exclusive import partner for Kaviari, a well-established Kaviar House from Paris selling their products from caviar to any kind of fish products on the Swiss market so far. We offer you a wide range of delights, a pleasure for body and soul such as caviar at its best, smoked salmon and other fish specialities. We are proud to be chosen to serve a solid number of 5***** and 4**** hotels and restaurants all over Switzerland and we prove to provide top services to our customers also going the extra mile if necessary.

As we are a small family business we are able to answer incoming requests more flexible and by this we can handle and execute orders even from one day to another, weekdays, weekends and even on bank holidays. We are dedicated to provide valuable support to our partners and customers, especially in fast-paced and extraordinary times.

The more we try to support and educate young talent. Most of them do not even know the many different types of caviar and how they differentiate one from the other. So a big part of our daily tasks is not only sales but offering basic and continuative education to our customers.

Sense of Delight, you exclusively sell Kaviari Caviar in Switzerland. What was the reason to choose Kaviari as your partner?

Ursula Kappeler: Renowned for ist finely chosen caviar, Kaviari is now the supplier to numerous Michelin-starred chefs in France and abroad. One number says it all: Kaviari supplies 15 of the 26 Michelin triple stars in France – more than half! Sense of Delight aims high and searches, chooses and sells only the best caviar on the market to our customers matching their individual requirements. Both companies have set the same very high standards in product quality and services towards their clients – so this is a very unique partnership.


How do you define a good quality of caviar and what is is what influences the quality most?

Jürg Kappeler: The sturgeon is a very sensitive species. Not seldomly producers decide to harvest the fish roe earlier than others because of financial reasons. Kaviari waits longer than others, more precisely 2-3 years longer, until a sturgeon has been pregnant a second or third time. By this the roe has a lot better quality and follows a real maturation process. In addition Kaviari harvests only twice a year – in Spring and Autumn. This also takes an immense influence on the quality, character and texture of the roe.

Most importantly Kaviari is proud to be able to trust on the extensive experience of their head caviar specialist their „Maître de Caviar“, who ensures the perfect ageing of the caviar in 1.8kg tins just as one would with fine wine or cheese and he can pinpoint the exact moment when the eggs have transformed into an exquisite caviar ready to be packaged. Kaviari calls this „Affinage“. This is how we differ from other companies who quite often fill the tins with immature caviar and sell it as such.

How would your describe the development of the caviar and salmon market with regards to supply and demand over the past years?
Jürg Kappeler: During the past years the number of caviar producers and resellers has extremely grown. Unfortunately this also includes quite a high number of resellers with minor quality, often tins which have never been examined with false and misleading information on their labels. Selling and buying caviar is a matter of trust and our tins show very precise and clear, distinct labelling, most importantly on the names of the sturgeon species. We do not invent names that do not exist. We set a high value on transparency and quality and do not agree to any dumping-prices or selling minor quality for the same price, cheating our customers.

With regards to the salmon we try to follow different trends. Just recently we have integrated biological smoked salmon from smaller breeding facilities and less known countries of original and new regions such as from Island or the Faroese Islands. This perfectly complements our „Coeur de Filet Imperial“ from Norway which once tasted leaves all common slices of salmon way behind comparing their taste and texture.

Which are the founding company values you follow and what is your philosophy?

Ursula Kappeler: Quite simple: best, most flexible and unlimited services, loyalty towards our customers and suppliers as well as the everlasting and restless passion to search for the best products on the market and their best matching equivalent in drinks or food to create a unique tasting experience. Our customers deserve only the best, no matter whether in quality or service.


Contact us and let's talk about your ideas and needs. Whether Caviar, salmon or fish roe or even specialties like "Corail d'Oursin", their shells or "Raisins de la Mèr" - it will be our pleasure to visit you for a personal tasting. For any price list please send us an emal.

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