Christian Nickel / Patrick Mahler: Parkhotel Vitznau, Vitznau


With its 180° panoramic view the glass pavilion in the Restaurant PRISMA provides a unique and year round view of the lake and mountains of Central Switzerland.

Under the skillful managment of Executive Chef Christian Nickel, Chef de Cuisine Patrick Mahler and his team will take you on a culinary journey of contemporary cuisine. Enjoy exciting creations inspired from around the globe- prepared using the finest regional products. The essence of things, reduced to the maximum: That’s exacly what expects you in the informal setting of PRISMA Restaurant.

Casual fine dining

Fabrizio Zanetti: Suvretta House, St. Moritz

Muted light, dark panelling, tall columns of heavy oak reaching up to an elaborately decorated cassette ceiling: the dining room breathes history. Here, our Headchef Fabrizio Zanetti celebrates his philosophy of market-fresh French cuisine with an international flavour. The pleasure of composing your own personal menu from the variety of creations available is left to you.

Heiko Nieder: Dolder Grand, Zürich

Heiko Nieder has been Chef Fine Dining since the opening. He has received a number of awards for his creations, which are marked by their impressive array of flavours. In 2010, he was awarded his second Michelin star, while in October 2012, he received point number 18 and the title of “Most Improved Chef of the Year” from GaultMillau. July 2013 saw him crowned “Hotel Chef of the Year” by the Swiss business magazine “Bilanz” as part of their annual hotel ratings. GaultMillau Germany presented him with the award for “Best German Chef Abroad” in November 2014. In the same year, inspired by Heiko Nieder, the Dolder Grand launched the gourmet festival THE EPICURE, which is now held every year in autumn.

Matthias Schmidberger: Kempinski St. Moritz, St. Moritz

Matthias Schmidberger will take over at the start of the winter season 2015-16. He will run the management of the entire culinary department at Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains in St Moritz and has the sceptre of four restaurants, a bar and the banquet sector in his hands. In addition, the 33-year-old German national will also be responsible for the gourmet restaurant Cà d'Oro. Matthias Schmidberger will build on the successful work of Axel Rüdlin, who will now take over his parent’s restaurant.

For more than 11 years, Schmidberger has built his way to Michelin-starred restaurants, including stations in the Traube Tonbach, Baiersbronn, the Speisemeisterei, Stuttgart, the Restaurant Forest Sonnora, Dreis and last but not least in the Brenner's Park Restaurant in Baden-Baden. Since December 2010, he has been at Grand Hotel des Bains, and since November 2011, the cuisine has been crowned with a Michelin star and 17 points Gault Millau. The dishes reflect his passion for European cuisine, straightforward presentation and products from first-class origin. In his opinion there is no better profession. "I work with the best ingredients in the world that appeal to all five senses and inspire it," said Schmidberger. "I am looking forward to this great challenge,” added the new executive chef at Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains.

Nathan Dallimore: HATO, Zürich & St. Moritz

Enjoy a warm welcome by one of their staff members, the best company to your table. On the right side of the entrance you may want to choose a very unique atmosphere in their Lalique Private Dining Room with a separate "Walk-In Minibar". For small groups this room offers a dining facility with highest luxury ambiance - certainly with Lalique candle holders and cutlery. To your left you will find the main restaurant. This shows a public room with two intimate seating corners that can be separated from the rest with half-transparent curtains.

No matter whether you choose the Lalique Room, the separate seating corners or the main restaurant: THE HATO offers unashamedly luxury atmosphere  - and this is more than special for the conservative, "zwinglianische" Zurich. If you would not know better you would imagine wrongly in a restaurant in London or New York, where self-display is a daily routine.

Executive Chef Nathan Dallimore, who also counts responsible for the newly opened HATO in St. Moritz introduces a completely new style to the selection of restaurants in Zurich. Born in Newsealand, he spent quite some time in London and worked for reknowned restaurants such as the "Novikov". As a joint force and together with their very talented Dim Sum Chef Nathan Dallimore and the "Mixologist" Nicolai, this team will be able to lift the restaurant to unknown "spheres" in Zurich because of their innovative and creative instinct on a new gastronomic era.

Lorenzo Albrici: Locanda Orico, Bellinzona

Culinary figurehead of Bellinzona.
The restaurant Locanda Orico is located right in the city center in the old town of Bellinzona within walking distance to the Castelgrande and only a few steps away from the Piazza Governo. Behind the walls of a very tastefully designed building Chef Lorenzo Albrici, who had been student of well-known Fredy Giraradet, welcomes you in a warm and cheerful atmosphere and a delightful menu. A gourmet liasion between italian and french tastes, with interesting and continously developed new proposals. A light, accurate and conscious kitchen enriched by an elegant and thoughtful service competently presenting your menu of choice. Real qualitites to enjoy and which definitely show its priority with the high satisfaction of their guests as well as the Michelin-Stern celebrating the success of this restaurant for years already.

The guests may take place in two small decent rooms with low lights and wooden ceiling enjoying their menu of choice in an elegantly decorated atmosphere without any distraction.

The restaurant had been awarded with 16 Gault Millau-Punkten and 1 Michelin Star.

Sven Wassmer: Restaurant Silver, Vals


Down from the idyllic heights in the Grison Mountains two years ago a young man started his triumphal procession way through all traditional instances of Gourmet Criticism. Already 8 months after Sven Wasser started to r"attle the pots and pans" in the Restaurant 7132 Silver in Vals for the first time, Gault&Millau celebrated him as "Newcomer of the Year 2016" and honored him with lordly 17 Points. This year again he  thrilled and inspired the testers and now owns 18 Punkte Gault&Millau as well as the title "Shooting Star of the Year 2018" on his way right into the "Champions League". In 2016 Gault&Millau named him the "biggest talent in Switzerland. An evening in his restaurant would be a culinary delight and simply intoxicating.

Ulf Bladt 7132 RED copy

Ulf Blad: Restaurant Red, Vals

Head Chef Ulf Bladt and Restaurant Manager Andrea Orgio will satisfy any culinary desire you might have with their "à la carte" menu.

BCHarles copy

Bertrand Charles: Restaurant Ritzcoffier, Bürgenstock Resort, Obbürgen



Experience a culinary dream journey to France with our signature chef Marc Haeberlin and our chef de cuisine Bertrand Charles. in the surroundings of the venerable fin de siècle Palace Hotel with a unique interior and a magnificent view over Lake Lucerne. Previously Bertrand Charles worked as chef with 3* Head Chefs such as Jean Pierre Vigato from the Apicius as well as Jean François Piège from the Hotel Crillon and finally took over the management of several kitchens in luxury hotels in Marocco, in Mauritius an the Philippines.

 FSpiquel 2 copy

Fabian Spiquel: Maison Manesse, Zurich


SAt maison manesse lively people prepare exciting food for relaxed guests. Challenge your palate without having to subject yourself to dated dinner table rituals, ties and subdued dinner conversations. Fine dining ought to be liberating. At Maison Manesse it is exactly that. No musts, no expectations, no tablecloths. Simply indulgence in all its culinary facets. Love on plates and in glasses. Served by a friend.

The man orchestrating Maison Manesse’s unique culinary concept is 30-year-old chef Fabian Spiquel, who was born into the restaurant business in Australia.

Fabian considers every kitchen a creative playground full of opportunities. he’s a culinary visionary who is dedicated to experimenting. He is always searching for new, unusual and surprising flavour combinations – even in his dreams! not a day goes by where he doesn’t push the boundaries.

High-quality produce is a natural prerequisite in Fabian’s cooking. He is particularly fascinated with so-called superfoods – foods with an unusually high content of healthy nutrients. Fabian regularly roams the earth on the lookout for these exceptionally healthy rarities and imports them into Switzerland – sometimes exclusively for Maison Manesse.

BIld DSawyre Chedi copy



In The Restaurant we will tempt you with dishes from four different, stylish open studio kitchens showcasing both Asian and European fare. Surrounded by exquisite aromas, watch the food being prepared directly and freshly in front of you. The Restaurant has 15 GaultMillau points and is compelling not only because of its excellent cuisine but also its unique ambience. A particular highlight in The Restaurant is The Wine and Cheese Cellar: at five metres high it attracts cheese connoisseurs who marvel at its delights through the glass walls. Allow our employees to show you a piece of Switzerland and try some of our specialities. It’s definitely worth your while!

 JCHMetayer copy

Jean-Charles Metayer: Restaurant Grischa, DAS Hotel Davos


With Jean-Charles Métayer the Hotel Grischa has successfully hired a young, passionate and already well established Head Chef for all its 5 restaurants. Since October 1st he has taken over the culinary direction and apart from his offering in the different restaurants you might want to profit from the one or other cooking lesson or his catering service.

September 2016, Davos. Jean-Charles Métayer seems "simple" but impressive at the same time. Clear message will always be that now and in the future in terms of quality of the basic products they buy there will be no compromises. Only high quality ingredients finally show perfect results. Nature, the region and passionate producers will be chosen to be or become partner for the native french chef.

Jean-Charles Métayer is 35 years old, born and raised in France. After his apprenticeship as a chef in the region of the Loire the very motivated upcomers first moved to England to work at the honorable restaurant „Fleur de Sel“. Back in his home country France, he learned about Gourmet Cuisine working as Sous-Chef for the well-respected Head Chef Jacques Le Divellec in his 2* Michelin-Star restaurant „Le Divellec“ in Paris. Further locations abroad (Canada, England and France) finally trained and shaped the passionate Gourmet Chef. During the past years Jean-Charles Métayer worked as Head Chef in the 5* star Hotels Athenaeum InterContinental in Athens and for the Elounda Peninsula Hotel on Crete.

With his support the Hotel Grischa will further develop its gastronomic offer to its guests. „Delicious food does not always need to be expensive. We would like to offer our guests an exciting culinary experience. "The concept with 5 different restaurants offers quite some space for New Concepts but keeping Classics on the menu as well“ said Maurice Parrée, Owner of the hotel.

 BLisibach Neue Blumenau copy

Bernadette Lisibach: Neue Blumenau, Lömmenschwil

NEUE BLUMENAU, Lömmenschwil


As a child Bernadette Lisibach used to live on a farm near Lucerne together with her family. The profession as a chef she learned right from the beginning and after her apprenticeships in the Hotel Montana in Lucerne as well as in the Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau in Interlaken (among others) she started as Sous-chef working for Daniel Bumann in "Chesa Pirana" in La Punt. as. There she performed during 12 years side by side with the honored Head Chef owning 18 Gault Millau Points and 2 Michelin stars.

After this long period she took over the culinary direction of the Gourmet restaurant "The K" in the 5-Star hotel "Kulm Hotel" in St. Moritz, for which we received 15 Gault  Millau Points right away. The so-called "Schlemmer-Atlas" announced her in 2011 as one fo the 4 best Female Head Chefs in Switzerland side by side with Tanja Grandits, Vreni Giger and Anne-Sophie Pic.

Since mid November 2011 Bernadette Lisibach now owns her own restaurant the "Neue Blumenau" and has already a large number of "fans" and followers. Very consciously she emphazises on the freshness of the products used and a certain simplicity in their preparation for her traditional dishes möchte sie dabei durch  Her kitchen is an authentic, stylish and delightful experience. In June 2013 she became part of the exclusive group of the hotels and restaurants of "Les grandes Tables de Suisses"; and since summer 2013 her restaurant "Neue Blumenau" also counts amon the members of the Club Prosper Montagné - Académie Suisse des gastronomes. In October 2014 Bernadette Lisibach was announced as "Köchin des Jahres 2015' by Gault Millaut and rewareded with 16 Punkten. On November 24th, 2015 she won the "Gastrostern" during the  'Nacht der Gastronomen'. IIn 2017 Bernadette Lisibach celebrated her "5 Year Anniversary Neue Blumenau with Bernadette Lisibach' with 5 very extraordinary and successful events, each one of them around a certain topic. 

RSigg Ochsen Zug copy

Rainer Sigg: Restaurant Au Premier, Hotel Ochsen, Zug



Our chef will spoil you with fresh market cooking and delicious regional and international specialties.  Do you enjoy Italian delicacies - or are you a vegetarian? Are you a particular fan of seasonal cuisine with Swiss asparagus in spring, wild game from the autumn hunt in fall (or our famous Zug fish, lake char, in November)?  You will find all these delicacies on our menu.  Our offering change frequently and we offer unique “Special Gourmet Weeks” when we take you on a gastronomic tour of our neighboring countries. Let us surprise you! We are glad to help with any questions, or special requests for your personal favorites.

To accompany the extraordinary, completely homemade food, we offer an exceptional selection of carefully chosen wines for the best prices in canton Zug – the perfect pairing! Try, for example, an Austrian white wine with our outstanding fish or a beautifully full Italian or French red wine to compliment our wild game or Italian specialty weeks.  We must also proudly note our special Rieslings…

RBenboudy copy

Rachid Benboudy: Bijoux Catering, Zürich Flughafen

BIJOUX CATERING, Zürich Flughafen


Awaken your senses with Bijoux Catering, offering you all the refinement of international cuisine. Whether for private jets, commercial flights, private or corporate events or business meals, Bijoux offers a range of tailor-made services for a specific and professional clientele.

Our customised catering service works to boost your brand’s recognition and reputation during your corporate events , as well as for aviation with the delivery of VIP Catering to private jets and meals for commercial flights.

Our expertise in numerous domains means we are the professional solution for organising you events, from the more traditional to the more extravagant or unusual. Founded in January 2013 in Zurich, our young and dynamic company adapts to the demands and expectations of a hugely diverse range of customers. Our strength lies in our personalisation of menus featuring quality products and creative recipes.

For a five-star dinner at home, a large-scale reception in a villa, a high-class banquet for your business, an everyday lunch in your offices or a meal aboard a yacht or a plane, our gourmet expertise will ensure your complete satisfaction. Place your trust in Bijoux Catering to take care of every last detail and to remain attentive to your needs.

Swillie copy

Steve Willié: Restaurant La Bagatelle, Grand Chalet, Gstaad

Restaurant La Bagatelle, Grand Chalet, Gstaad

Dine in the company of friends – enjoy the congenial and informal atmosphere in our gourmet restaurant "La Bagatelle" and let Pedro Ferreira and his attentive team pamper you. Whether you prefer to sit on our terrace with its superb panoramic views, in the new conservatory or in the main restaurant – our head chef Steve Willié and his team will treat you to fresh, seasonal dishes as well as French and regional specialities. Savour the best wines from all around the world (the wine list has been honoured with the “Best of award of excellence” by Winespectator) and forget your everyday cares as you listen to the sound of zither player Werner Frey. 

They say that the restaurant "La Bagatelle" is one of the best restaurants in the Bernese Oberland and is consistently rated with 16/20 points in the Gault&Millau Swiss guide.

gsassi copy

Guido Sassi: La Fattoria di Guido Sassi, Lugano


La Fattoria di Guido Sassi revolves around a love of healthy, delicious, wholesome food. It believes in meticulous selection of suppliers and of fresh, seasonal produce, chosen with care and passion: produce that delivers timeless flavours and aromas and is the result of farming techniques that respect nature and reject the use of harmful substances.

This philosophy is reflected in the welcoming interior, with spacious dining rooms and an unmistakable style that clearly draws on the finest country tradition of offering a warm welcome, simplicity and kindness.

A philosophy of respect, for people and their wellbeing, but also for human dignity and the dignity of honest labour, with special consideration for local producers.

Lastly, it is a philosophy that is mindful of the surrounding area, embracing a new awareness of our relationship with the environment: it is important to respect the natural life cycle of plants and the rhythm of the seasons, in order to protect the land and biodiversity.

Eating in a way that respects the environment is easy: it is simply a question of being able to make informed choices.

This is the firm belief of Guido Sassi, who for over 40 years has been a respected host and savant of the social scene in Lugano, which he has dominated thanks to his restaurants. The restaurant business is not a job, but an art that demands great sacrifices and extraordinary vision. Every single restaurant is a different artwork, characterised by the restaurateur who “creates it” just as a painting only exists by the grace of the artist who imagined it in his mind’s eye and subsequently created it.

Even as a little boy, Guido Sassi “breathed” the art of the restaurant business, but his father Aristo, a successful restaurateur and hotelier, dissuaded him from pursuing such a career, describing it as one “of great sacrifices and few rewards”, and Guido took his advice, completing studies that led him to become a successful mechanical design engineer. Yet unexpected events prompted him to “make a u-turn” and begin working alongside his father, who in 1981 had taken over the Olimpia restaurant: the real heart of the social scene in Lugano since the mid-19th century.

The string of successes that followed from that moment on are a testament to his outstanding ability: not just technical expertise, perfected over years, but also an innate awareness and grasp of market trends, coupled with an insight into the intricate workings of a city like Lugano, a city that evolves but at the same time feels the need to remember its roots and idiosyncrasies in order to truly express itself.

Quietly but surely, Guido Sassi’s restaurants and eateries won a special place in the hearts of the people of Lugano, also becoming great tourist attractions. They are part of the City and its “social scene”.

When Gianni Biondi and Daniele De Vecchi met, they came up with the intriguing idea of creating a new restaurant with a completely different vibe, something the likes of which had never been seen in the centre of Lugano before. Young and innovative, offering outstanding quality and a dining experience designed to excite and amaze.

Welcome to the “Fattoria”.

Tino Staub / Kay Schulz: Widder Hotel, Zürich

In his next life, chef Tino Staub wants to come back as... a chef. We certainly hope he does! Our Executive Chef „À-la-Carte“ is as passionate about his calling as he is about high-quality regional produce. His approach at the Widder Restaurant (15 GaultMillau Points) is grounded in French cuisine, referencing the traditions of the Far East for an element of intrigue. The resulting flavour alliances are hard to describe – they simply have to be tried. Meanwhile our fine dining Restaurant Manager David Vagelpohl and his team attend. to your comfort, making your stay an unforgettable experience – and not only for your tastebuds. Within the banquet area you will be able to taste and enjoy Kay Schulz's creative delights.

Jacky Donatz: Sonnenberg, Zürich

Jacky Donatz is one of Switzerland’s most renowned chefs.

After a tenure of 14 years at the Castello del Sole in Ascona, he spent six years satisfying his guests’ taste at the Hotel Zurich, now known as the Marriott. He joined the ranks of the culinary elite after opening his own restaurant in Zurich, Jacky’s Stapferstube, in 1994. Jacky Donatz has been host, body and soul at Sonnenberg since June 1999.

The leading chef is famous far beyond Zurich’s boundaries for serving the best boiled beef and veal cutlet in town. Take a seat and savour Jacky’s gourmet cuisine.

Urs Gschwend: Grand Hotel Bellevue, Gstaad

Awarded one Michelin star and 14 Gault et Millau points, LEONARD’s is where chef Urs Gschwend delivers cut-above bistro-style cuisine, using the very best seasonal produce of our region. Swiss in spirit but international in scope, we’re as suited to satisfying gastropub tastes as we are delighting fine-dining aficionados. LEONARD’s welcomes you for lunch and dinner in a friendly atmosphere, both inside and on our spectacular terrace.

Our Kaviari customers in France

The trust of top Michelin-starred chefs

Renowned for its finely chosen caviar, Kaviari is now the supplier to numerous Michelin-starred chefs in France and abroad, including Alain Ducasse, Yannick Alléno, Alain Passard, Bernard and Mathieu Pacaud, Guy Martin and Arnaud Lallement. All these and more are long-time trusted clients. One number says it all: Kaviari supplies 15 of the 26 Michelin triple stars in France – more than half! The key to our success: a range of farmed caviar worthy of the best wild versions, whose different varieties and tastes meet the needs of the most demanding chefs.

Photo: Alberico Penati, Paris, Alexandre Mazzia, Marseilles, Arnaud Lallement, Tinquex, Beatriz Gonzalez, Paris, Christophe Bacquié, au Castellet, Eric Pras, a Chagny, Christophe Moret , Paris, Frederic Vardon, Paris, Gaël Orieux, Paris, Gaëtan Gentil, Lyon, Julien Dumas, Paris, Julien Gatillon, Megève, Key Kobayashi, Paris, Mathieu Viannay, Lyon, Mickaël Féval, Aix en Provence, Ronan Kervarrec, Saint Émilion, Sébatien Lepinoy, Singapour, Yannick Alléno, Paris,Jean-Philippe Blondet, London, Louis Philippe Vigliant, Beaune