Welcome to our Japanese Delicatessen

Japanese Delicatessen since 2008

Nishikidori claimes to be the most beautiful showroom of Japanese craftsmanship and works every day to

  • make people discover a selection of exceptional products
  • giving materials for tomorrow’s new trends.

Their privileged relations and their direct contact with their suppliers allows them

  • to guarantee quality,
  • traceability,
  • continuity
  • and food safety.

Their promise is simple

Find the excellence and accompany you in all of your project and creations. A way of working we can definitely share.

Get inspired also on our partner homepage from Nishikidori.

In October 2020 we opened our new showroom in Cham.

Brunnmatt 16, 6330 (Linden-)Cham,
2nd floor, between Kafi-Maa and attika chimneys

Opening hours
In order to guarantee flexible delivery schedules for our business customers in restaurants and hotels, opening ours for walk-ins still vary. We are currently in preparation of our Saturday Concept. It will be a delightful time-out. 

Our japanese selection can only be bought in our shop as some are rare and therefore not always on stock.

For individual orders please place your request as soon as you as delivery times for selected products may take a week or two. 

Your visit is important to us

Please give us a call before you start your journey so that we can make sure somebody is there to show you our facilities and product line without any hurries.