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Our promise

Our reputation - The Trust of the Michelin-starred Chefs

One number says it all: Kaviari supplies 16 of the 26 Michelin triple stars in France – more than half! The key to our success: a range of farmed caviar worthy of the best wild versions, whose different varieties and tastes meet the needs of the most demanding chefs.

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Food Trends

Food Trends



Exclusive Design

Exclusive Design

Maître de Caviar

Maître de Caviar

  • Caviar

    No matter whether you chooose "Caviar On The Go" or traditional Caviar Tins: With our Beluga, Kaluga, Kristal (Imperial) or Osciètra in 30g, 50g or larger tins or with our 15g en-K de Caviar, we will be delighted to be at your service!

  • Salmon

    We do not trust to chance. No matter whether from Scotland, Norway, the Baltic Sea or NEW from Denmark and the Faroe Islands, quality just needs to be perfect!

  • Noix Gras

    A very special moment as if you were in Paris. Noix Gras is a brand new delight created by Tobias Buholzer - a vegetarian Fois Gras - which you do not want to miss even not during a sleepless night or Tête ä Tête!

  • Coming Soon


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