We are delighted to present to you our new Partner "Kaviari" from Paris, seafood, tarama(salata) and caviar producer and supplier with over 45 years of experience in their field of operation. Their smoked salmon quality "Coeur de Saumon / Filet Imperial" will change your mind on salmon in general and make you realize that whatever you had so far could still be of better quality.

Coeur de Saumon Imperial

The Royal piece of our salmon products!

Cut in cubes and served chilled or lukewarm for a perfect Apéro or to accompany a main course - it melts in the mouth.

Country of Origin:

Stored correctly at a temperature of 0°C - +4°C the Coeur de Saumon Imperial lasts 21 days. 

All prices are including 2.5% VAT plus delivery fees. 

Currently delivery takes about 1 week. For any larger quantities, please advise in time so that we can assure punctual delivery at the time and date required.

* Coeur de Saumon Imperial: